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Canadian Operations

Take a closerlook at Devon's heavy oiloperations in Canada.

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Q1 Results Outlook

Devon reports first quarter results and provides guidance outlook for the second quarter and full-year 2018.

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Water-Management a Priority

Devon continues to develop innovative ways to make more efficient use of water.

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Are you a contractor, supplier or vendor? Learn the requirements needed for our daily operations.

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Canadian Operations

Take a closerlook at Devon's heavy oiloperations in Canada.

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Q1 Results Outlook

Devon reports first quarter results and provides guidance outlook for the second quarter and full-year 2018.

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DVN 44.72 0.79

As of July 13, 2018 4:01 PM EST

  • last 44.72
  • change 0.79
  • volume 6,548,655
  • % change 1.8
  • 52 week high 46.54
  • 52 week low 29.79
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(2) ρ = F ρ w S n w ,

where ρ w is the resistivity of the pore-water. The formation factor is defined as:

(3) F = a ϕ m = σ w σ 0 = ρ 0 ρ w ,

where σ 0 and ρ 0 , respectively, are the conductivity and resistivity of the rock if it were 100% saturated ( S w = 1 ). Here m is the cementation factor (usually in the range of 1.3 < m < 2.3 ), n is the saturation exponent (usually close to 2), and a is tortuosity factor. As we can see from Archie’s law, the resistivity increases as tortuosity increases. The cementation factor describes how much the pore network decreases the conductivity (assuming the rock itself is not conductive). More consolidated rocks usually have the greater cementation factors, which is effectively related to the pressure:


Archie’s law is purely empirical law intending to describe ion flow in clean and consolidated sands. Electrical conduction is assumed not to be present within the rock grains. Hence it may not work for a rock includes considerable amount of clay minerals because a clay or shale particle acts as a separate conducting path.

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Electrical current within a rock will be dissuaded from flowing through the pore-space if the rock forming minerals are more conductive; as current likes to take the path of least resistance. This occurs frequently in ore-bearing rocks due to the presence of metal-oxides (magnetite, illmenite, specular hematite), metal-sulphides (pyrite, pyrrhotite, galena) and native metals (gold, silver, copper). One exception is graphite, which despite being entirely comprised of carbon, is very conductive. As expected, the conductivity increases as the concentration of conductive minerals within the rock increases.

In the classical petroleum engineering approach to sedimentary rocks, rocks containing clay particles are often called “dirty sands”. Since clay particles are substantially more conductive than most rock-forming minerals, they represent a separate conductive path. Archie’s law usually works well for sedimentary rocks, however, it must be corrected in the case of dirty sands. The fundamental cause of the abnormally high conductivity for dirty sands is based upon the double layer capacitance of absorbed cations as shown in 2017 Wallet for Women Fluo Orange Leather 2017 One size Comme Des Garons Fluo Orange Leather One size Comme Des Gar?ons SDfD3P

Margaret, what brand probiotic do you use- or do you know which bacteria it contains? I am looking for the right one.

Thanks! Mary

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just to add to this i find (and this works for both myself and my little girl) if when they have the leg pain you rub firmly the muscles of the whole leg that it eases it. If your son has the same pains i do then it is quiet bad pain and even as a full grown adult i sometimes just want to cry or scream as it is soooo painful. I have all the symptoms of PA but according to my blood work do not have PA. I have recently found out i have a dermoid tumour on my ovary and had borderline cervical cancer a couple of year ago and from what i have read (and i have done a lot of reading on this b12 and someone correct me if i am wrong) but you can get a lot of cancers with b12 deff, just wish the medical establishement would realise what b12 deff is and what it can do to the human body.

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@Jacquie and @Amy, You are not over-reacting. B12 deficiency is serious. On the plus side, symptoms should reverse rapidly with proper treatment.

The first thing you need to do is inform yourself about B12 deficiency. The book “Could it be B12?” is excellent. It tells you everything you need to know about symptoms and how B12 deficiency causes a wide range of health problems. But for treatment it only talks about working with your PCP to get shots. You’ve already established that your PCP doesn’t know enough to help you, so you need to decide whether you want to continue to work with your physician or strike out on your own. If you can get your PCP to read the book, he/she may be able to better serve you.

Freddd and others have posted a lot of useful information on self-treatment for B12 deficiency at phoenixrising.me . Look for “Active B12 basics” on the methylation forum. They’re pretty good at answering questions. The down side is that the info isn’t well organized. You may want to read the threads backwards (most recent first) after reading the first few posts.

If you (or your child) are already deficient (and you are… Any test result less than 500 is bad.), you can’t get enough B12 through your diet or multi-vitamins to correct the deficiency. You need either methylcobalamin shots or sub-lingual methylcobalamin. If your doctor refuses to give you shots (or won’t give you methylcobalamin), you must find sub-lingual tablets as quickly as possible. Some of the available sub-linguals are not good quality; it appears the methyl-B12 has degraded to hydroxo-B12 through excess heat or light during processing. Freddd asserts that Enzymatic Therapy brand is best, and Jarrow is a fair substitute (although you may need to take more for the same effect). I’m getting good results with Jarrow; and will switch to ET when my bottle runs out. Amazon and iHerb are good online sources, but there are lots of places you can get Jarrow and ET brand B12.

The sub-lingual tablets are cheap (less than $10 for 30), and there’s essentially no risk. B12 is less toxic than aspirin. Try not to chew or swallow. It’s best to let one dissolve under your tongue for at least an hour, but 30 minutes is OK. (Don’t follow the instructions on the ET bottle – it says to chew and swallow.) The only down side do taking B12 this way is that after you start treating yourself, your test results will return to normal and your doctor may refuse to believe you were deficient in the first place.

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Codex tools: mid top loafers Brown Kiton cv8enr

Interested in functions, hooks, classes, or methods? Check out the new Mens Equinox mm Low Rise Hiking Shoes Asolo ANeBa99um

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Create or modify a Mens Evopower Vigor 4 Tt Footbal Shoes Puma J1gGuBX
. register_post_type should only be invoked through the Longsleeved beadembellished lace dress Diane Von F SUpg7
action. It will not work if called before 'init' , and aspects of the newly created or modified post type will work incorrectly if called later.


Note: You can use this function in themes and plugins. However, if you use it in a theme, your post type will disappear from the admin if a user switches away from your theme. See Womens Tjw Checker Print Tank Dress Tommy Jeans QTVgLTyi
If you want to keep your changes e.g. post type, even if you switch between your themes.

When registering a post type, always register your taxonomies using the taxonomies argument. If you do not, the taxonomies and post type will not be recognized as connected when using filters such as parse_query or pre_get_posts . This can lead to unexpected results and failures.

Even if you register a taxonomy while creating the post type, you must still explicitly register and define the taxonomy using TROUSERS Casual trousers Ros A Pois oB0D1Bp0

The following post types are reserved and used by WordPress already.

In addition, the following post types should not be used as they interfere with other WordPress functions.

In general, you should always prefix your post types, or specify a custom `query_var`, to avoid conflicting with existing WordPress query variables.

More information: Womens VestKina Dress Desigual uYii5AnZS

<?phpregister_post_type ( $post_type , $args ); ?>

Above, the first default value is for non-hierarchical post types (like posts) and the second one is for hierarchical post types (like pages).

The only way to read that field is using this code:

If you assign a and then take a look into the array, then you'll see the following:

An example of registering a post type called "book".

Approximate timing of my startup of individual items that being considered here, this gives a quite distinctive pattern for each nutrient or set of nutrients: 03/05/13, Version 1.1 Others mentioned similar patterns and variations. 12. Initially – Mecbl 13. +5 months 400mcg SAM-E 14. + 4 months AdoCbl 15. + 3 months titrate +50mg zinc 16. +4 years 400mcg Metafolin 17. +1 year LCF 18. + 1 month TMG 1000mg/day 19. 30mg MeCbl injections (3 or 4) daily, 20. +0 Reduce SAM-e to 200mcg 21. + 4 years remove TMG 22. +6 months increase SAM-E to 800mcg 13 Next 1 year titrating Metafolin and finding all the reasons I get folate insufficiency, early partial methylation block by effect. This whole process has taken 10 years so far

MeCbl – AdoCbl – L-carnitine fumarate – Metafolin

shortness of breath, oxygen hunger heart palpitations

MeCbl – AdoCbl – L-carnitine fumarate

extremely sore neck muscles reversing normal curvature of neck painfully tight, stiff muscles, especially legs and arms frequent muscle spasms anywhere in body weak pulse

MeCbl – AdoCbl

Confusion Disorientation Difficulty in word finding

MeCbl – AdoCbl – Metafolin

irritable depression SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder mental slowing personality changes chronic malaise poor concentration moodiness tiredness mood swings memory loss listlessness impaired connection to others mentally fuzzy, foggy, brainfog dizziness – even unable to walk Vertigo

MeCbl – Metafolin – AdoCbl – L-carnitine fumarate

psychosis, including many of the most florid psychoses seen in literature, megaloblastic madness Alzheimer’s delirium dementia paranoia delusions hallucinations – multisensory anxiety or tension nervousness mania Widespread pain throughout body

A caution, those with anxiety and panic symptoms may respond with extreme moods of increased fear, anxiety, panic, anger rage, homicidal rage and profound depression, usually in repeatable sequences following LCF or ALCAR even at levels of 1mg oral. A micro titration of carnitine would be cautious. While most find the moods intolerable, certain persons have been able to tolerate these (both past) and current, to find they can fade after some months of consumption. A few people may find similar, maybe somewhat lesser, response to MeCbl or more likely AdoCbl. As these are less controllable than LCF which can be micro dosed, they should be considered first.

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Approximate timing of my startup of individual items that being considered here, this gives a quite distinctive pattern for each nutrient or set of nutrients: 03/04/13, Version 1.1 Others mentioned similar patterns and variations. 1. Initially – Mecbl 2. +5 months 400mcg SAM-E 3. + 4 months AdoCbl 4. + 3 months titrate +50mg zinc 5. +4 years 400mcg Metafolin 6. +1 year LCF 7. + 1 month TMG 1000mg/day 8. 30mg MeCbl injections (3 or 4) daily, 9. +0 Reduce SAM-e to 200mcg 10. + 4 years remove TMG 11. +6 months increase SAM-E to 800mcg 12. 12Next 1 year titrating Metafolin and finding all the reasons I get folate insufficiency, early partial methylation block by effect. This whole process has taken 10 years so far.

These symptoms are what responded very well to CNS penetrating doses of MeCbl either as 50mg sublingual single 4-5 hour dose or 4 x 7.5mg or 3 x 10mg or for some 2 x 15mg subcutaneous MeCbl injections. Metafolin in some way enhances retention of AdoCbl and MeCbl with excretion visibly decreased. A sublingual dose of 1-2 tablets each hour added for 12 hours appears to generate substantial CNS penetration as well.

CNS penetrating dose MeCbl – AdoCbl – Metafolin – Omega-3 oils

Elevated CSF Hcy Low CSF cobalamin limbs feel stiff Drowsy

CNS penetrating dose MeCbl – AdoCbl

dimmed vision – usually not noticed going into it because change can be very slow or present for life Clumsiness

CNS penetrating dose MeCbl – AdoCbl – Metafolin

Slow to adapt to night vision

CNS penetrating dose MeCbl – AdoCbl – Metafolin – LCF

Difficulty in word finding

CNS penetrating dose MeCbl – AdoCbl – Metafolin – Omega-3 oils

Brainstem or cerebellar signs or even reversible (with mb12) coma may occur demyelinated areas on nerves subacute combined degeneration

axonal degeneration of spinal cord unsteadiness of gait ataxic gait, particularly in dark positive Romberg positive Lhermittes Loss of motor control over some or all of toes Loss of motor control over part or all of feet Loss of sense of joint position sudden electric like shocks/pains shooting down arms, body, legs shooting down from neck movement sudden “ice pick” pain decreased reflexes brisk reflexes Foot Drop tripping over toes injuring toes catching top of toes on floor general feeling of weakness

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